Merchant Selection Process

Be a Part of the Madison Public Market!

Hello, and thank you for your interest in the Madison Public Market. We are working hard behind the scenes to organize and engage our vendor readiness efforts.

The Madison Public Market will have a variety of vending opportunities for businesses of all sizes when it opens in 2025. From large, restaurant anchor spaces to temporary small booths, the Public Market will support vending opportunities for 130+ businesses every year.

Vending spaces are a mix of single leased retail spaces, shared retail spaces, daily use retail spaces and food preparation/sales spaces. Two larger spaces are available for lease by anchor tenants. We have again opened the process for interested vendors to express their interest in becoming a part of the Market.

Please complete the Merchant Interest Form. We will keep you updated on the vendor selection process (to be announced soon).

The permanent vendors for the Public Market will be selected by the Madison Public Market Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization that will operate the Market. To date, only five Market Merchants have been selected. These vendors participated previously in the City of Madison’s MarketReady Program.

Based on our general timeline, we will be ready to engage with potential vendors in the near future. At this time, we are unable to review and provide feedback to your submitted information prior to that time. If you are looking for more resources to review or create your business plan, please contact these organizations: 

You can follow us at for updates on the Madison Public Market. We will reach out to you if any of the above information changes. Thank you again for your interest in creating a vibrant public market in Madison, Wisconsin! 

If you have questions about merchant opportunities or the selection process, please contact

“The Public Market Foundation is dedicated to engaging neighbors and the community about creating the Market as a truly inclusive and captivating destination. I’m pleased that 2,000 people have been inspired to share their ideas and opinions on the Market. As the project moves forward, continued feedback will only make the Market a great success!” - - Larry Palm, City of Madison Alder District 12

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