Equity Through Entrepreneurship

By emphasizing equity through entrepreneurship, the Market is already being embraced as a place in Madison where businesses owned and operated by people of color, women, and first generation immigrants can get their start.

For decades, Public Markets have been economic drivers within the communities they serve. In Madison, our Public Market will create a $20 million annual economic impact that will reach across the region. We’re harnessing this economic power to focus on growing entrepreneurship among diverse communities and then making these entrepreneurs visible and accessible to our entire community. For our entrepreneurs, our Public Market will provide a catalyst to individuals and families on their journey to becoming financially stable and successful.

Other public markets in communities like Milwaukee, Detroit, Cleveland, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia have assisted thousands of people in achieving financial growth. We know we can accomplish this in Madison too. We’ve studied these models, visited these incredible markets, and applied their best practices to our local framework.

In addition to supporting minority-owned small businesses, the Madison Public Market will truly be a multicultural gathering space. Public Markets are uniquely positioned to bring people together around our common love of food. Unfortunately, in Madison today, we’re very disconnected from other cultural communities. Nowhere else in Madison do we have a public space where the diversity that exists in our community can be experienced and appreciated on a daily basis. With inclusivity front and center, the Public Market will feel alive with the sights and sounds of multicultural artwork, food, and handmade goods.

“After being involved with the MPM planning for over a decade, I could not be happier for city leaders and staff, and more importantly the entrepreneurs that will make it special, that this project is inching its way towards reality. The Madison Public Market will be a unique center of excellence serving the Madison Region in the agriculture, food and beverage industry. It will also anchor the Cap East District, making it even more dynamic. Kudos to all those involved.” - Michael Gay, Senior Vice President of Economic Development, Madison Region Economic Partnership

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