Construction Update – June 2024

Progress continues inside and outside the Madison Public Market building. Photos show in order 1) Exterior view from East Johnson Street. This will be one of the entrances to the Market Hall, where visitors will enjoy the offerings of 30+ vendors. 2) A view inside Market Hall. 3) A view from the Mezzanine looking down onto TruStage MarketReady Hall, the new entrepreneur center where start up businesses will manufacture, process and package their food products. 4) Another view of TruStage MarketReady Hall. This part of the building will also host special events, entertainment and other fun offerings. 5) One more view of Market Hall, the actual “public market” space. This view is again from the Mezzanine, looking towards East Johnson Street at the right and the back parking lot to the left. The white pipes in the floor are where some of the food vendors will be located. The Mezzanine will host public seating, offices and bathroom facilities. 6) This view is from TruStage MarketReady Hall looking down a public corridor space that crosses under the Mezzanine into Market Hall. The blue wall at the very end will be a glass doorway opening to East Johnson Street. We are very much on track for a May 2025 opening for the Market.

As a proud supporter of the Madison Public Market, I’m most excited to have a place making attraction that will encourage entrepreneurs to build their businesses by bringing our community and those visiting Madison together to experience a culturally diverse attraction. - Trey Sprinkman, Sprinkman Real Estate

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