Market Commerce

In Madison, we’re blessed with an abundance of local produce and prepared food through our farmer’s markets, food carts, and local restaurants. Hundreds of new local food businesses have been launched in recent years. Our community needs a comprehensive and wide-ranging infrastructure that supports food processing, distribution and sales for continued growth. Food cart vendors are looking to grow their business into a permanent retail space, but can’t afford a traditional storefront. Farmer’s market producers are eager to have a year-round vending option to expand their farm businesses. Restaurants have high demand for local produce and products but are limited in their offerings because their vendors lack of distribution and production capabilities. Now, more than ever, we need a year-round Public Market that offers affordable, permanent retail space and food processing capabilities for new and growing businesses.

The Madison Public Market will help build our 21st century food economy by providing two critical pieces of infrastructure: 1) Permanent retail space for new and growing businesses; and 2) Wholesale, distribution, and production facilities to better meet the demand for local produce and prepared food as desired by the customers of local restaurants and retailers.

The Market will be an accelerator for local food and artisan businesses. While our local food, arts and home-based production economy is becoming more robust every day, our community needs a Public Market to help local entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. Over 35 new businesses and expanded businesses are anticipated to grow out of the Madison Public Market.

“The Public Market Foundation is dedicated to engaging neighbors and the community about creating the Market as a truly inclusive and captivating destination. I’m pleased that 2,000 people have been inspired to share their ideas and opinions on the Market. As the project moves forward, continued feedback will only make the Market a great success!” - - Larry Palm, City of Madison Alder District 12

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