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Madame Chu Delicasies

Josey grew up in Singapore enjoying authentic, home-cooked cuisine passed down through the generations. Singaporean women easily spent the entire day preparing the daily meal from scratch. Each meal was more than food, it was an important family tradition. Several years ago while going through her mother’s cookbooks Josey found her great-grandmother’s recipes tucked into the back pages. This began Josey’s journey to learn an important piece of her family’s heritage – the meals passed along through generations and made with love by the women in her family – and to share it with us lucky Madisonians.

“For me, being a permanent vendor in the Market is about more than selling my product. I want to introduce my Singaporean culture through food.”

Josey sees the Madison Public Market as a bridge to understanding and embracing other cultures. Josey is applying for the Market Ready program to assist her in preparing her product for market.

“The Market Ready program is an excellent opportunity for me to learn what it takes to enter the marketplace.”

Madisonians are sure to love Josey’s unique sauces. Each batch includes 14 different asian ingredients and takes 8-10 hours to make, as Josey uses the same techniques and process as her ancestors. The result is a burst of flavor and deliciousness in every bite.

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Merchants are the heart of the Public Market. Over the coming months, the Development Team will be selecting vendors for the new Market. With over 200 existing and start-up businesses stating interest in Market retail space, the Market is sure to have a wide variety of unique, multi-cultural, local merchants. This profile is a merchant interested in calling the Public Market home.

“Boardman Clark provided a lead gift to the Public Market because it resonates with many of our firm’s values, including the commitment to sustainability and social equity, and because it creates an opportunity to partner with the City and drive economic development, with a focus on entrepreneurs from diverse and underrepresented communities.” - Richard Heinemann, Boardman Clark

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