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Yaseen Creations

Nausheen designs hand-block printed and dyed silk and cotton tops for men and women. She creates beautiful scarves and garments using ‘shibori’, a Japanese technique for dyeing. She offers calf leather hand-stitched and embroidered footwear from India, leather jackets for winter wear, and leather bags.

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Merchants are the heart of the Public Market. Over the coming months, the Development Team will be selecting vendors for the new Market. With over 200 existing and start-up businesses stating interest in Market retail space, the Market is sure to have a wide variety of unique, multi-cultural, local merchants. This profile is a merchant interested in calling the Public Market home.

“The Public Market Foundation is dedicated to engaging neighbors and the community about creating the Market as a truly inclusive and captivating destination. I’m pleased that 2,000 people have been inspired to share their ideas and opinions on the Market. As the project moves forward, continued feedback will only make the Market a great success!” - - Larry Palm, City of Madison Alder District 12

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