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Maipa Ly Tong-Pao and family

Maipa will offer Hmong and Southeast Asian inspired foods, including eggrolls, barbeque skewers, Asian coleslaw, and tasty sandwiches with sauces. She wants to work with and empower women who are educationally & financially challenge and inspire those with disabilities to reach their dreams.

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Merchants are the heart of the Public Market. Over the coming months, the Development Team will be selecting vendors for the new Market. With over 200 existing and start-up businesses stating interest in Market retail space, the Market is sure to have a wide variety of unique, multi-cultural, local merchants. This profile is a merchant interested in calling the Public Market home.

“I am excited about the sensory experience that the Madison Public Market will offer. Some of my most memorable travel experiences have been the sights and smells of souks and markets in North Africa and South America. It is so great to meet the people who produce the products.” - Tom Otto, Economic Development Specialist, City of Madison

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