Food Innovation Center

Have you ever wondered if places like your favorite local restaurant, your kid’s school, or your employer’s cafeteria provide local food? The demand for more local produce and food products has been on the rise, but larger institutions have had difficulty securing enough local food options to meet the demand. An important goal of the Madison Public Market is not only to bring local food to those who visit, but also to help increase the food available throughout our region. Approximately 15,000 square feet of the Public Market will be dedicated to the Food Innovation Center, a local food production, wholesale and workforce training facility that will be a catalyst in driving Madison’s growing food economy to its full potential. No matter how often you visit the Public Market, the Food Innovation Center will bring more delicious local food options to your everyday life.

The overarching goal is to build a more robust local food economy by providing key systems such as food processing, distribution, and workforce training, to ensure large institutions have efficient access to the local food that their customers are asking for.

In addition, the Food Innovation Center is being designed to harness southern Wisconsin’s food industry assets to create jobs, cultivate new businesses, create new food products, add value to regionally-grown produce, and build a more integrated regional food system.

The specific programs that will be provided at the Food Innovation Center include the following:

  • FoodWorks Workforce Training Programs
  • The Madison Food Lab
  • Intuitional Food Processing
  • Collaboration and Office Space
  • Public Market Vendor Support

“Madison needs this Public Market. It’s an important opportunity for our children of color to have a place where they can go and see many other people of color owning businesses and finding success in our city. I’m excited to welcome our kids to the Market where we can teach them about business ownership. The Public Market is a place we’ll all be proud of.” - Judy Cooper, owner of QB's Magnetic Creations, a MarketReady participant

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