The Site

Our future Market home at the site of the Fleet Services Building (200 N. First Street) sits on nearly 4 acres in the heart of Madison.

Site Plan
As the gateway to the E. Washington Corridor and the downtown, the site is also a connector to the airport, the I-90/I-39/I-94 interstate system, over 200 local buses, and several bike paths.

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Points of Entry
It’s important that our Market be accessible from many points of entry and for a wide variety of transportation modes and abilities. There will be over 120 car parking stalls on site, bike parking in multiple locations near several entries, a bcycle station, and a bus stop at the corner of First Street and E. Johnson.

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Outdoor Seating and Experiences
Our vision to create a community gathering space will continue beyond the front door. With nearly 4 acres of land, the site has room for several outdoor plazas to create natural opportunities for connections and outdoor experiences:

  • outdoor seating
  • multiple art murals on the outside of the building
  • a children’s play space
  • a lounge area for enjoying a cool summer evening
  • food carts and other outdoor vendors
  • acoustic musicians and entertainment

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“The Public Market Foundation is dedicated to engaging neighbors and the community about creating the Market as a truly inclusive and captivating destination. I’m pleased that 2,000 people have been inspired to share their ideas and opinions on the Market. As the project moves forward, continued feedback will only make the Market a great success!” - - Larry Palm, City of Madison Alder District 12

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