With the construction funding gap closed and the Public Market moving full steam ahead, the Madison Public Market Foundation (a non-profit organization and future operator of the Market) is raising final funds for a variety of items such as equipment, furnishings, artwork, operating reserves, and programming to support entrepreneurs. These final funds are important to launch a successful, vibrant public market!

Donate today and you’ll be a part of our “Global Table” that will be prominently displayed on a wall in the entryway of the Market to celebrate all of the community members who helped us make Madison’s first Public Market possible! Be a part of creating our very own Madison Public Market through a tax-deductible gift.

Gifts of all sizes will secure a place for your name at our table of friends.  Join with us!

For an opportunity to leave your legacy in Madison with a major gift, please contact Amanda White at or (608) 698-9104.

Stay connected with us! For updates on our progress in making the Madison Public Market a reality, subscribe to our monthly eUpdate or like us on Facebook.

It’s exciting to see the progress being made toward opening a public market in Madison–it’s been a long time coming! Not only will we have access to local foods year-round, but the vision and development of this market is truly inclusive and diverse, working with a number of women-owned businesses and entrepreneurs of color, from a diversity of cultural backgrounds. Food is such an important expression of culture and a means for connection–I’m looking forward to celebrating and connecting with our diverse community of inspiring and passionate food entrepreneurs at our public market! - Otehlia Cassidy, Madison Eats Food Tours

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