We know you have a lot of questions about our community’s Public Market. Hopefully these answers help. If you’d like more information, join us on Facebook. If you have additional questions, contact the Madison Public Market Foundation at info@madisonpublicmarket.org.

Where will the Public Market call home?

After much deliberation, feedback from hundreds of community members, and with a little help from expert consultants, we’re pleased with the decision to call the corner of E. Washington Ave. and First Street the location of the Madison Public Market. It’s a perfect location – find out why.

What can I expect to experience at the Public Market?

The Madison Public Market will be a bustling, colorful, year-round destination that will appeal to a wide variety of audiences from Madisonians who want to stop in for a take-out meal on the way home to a tourist who wants to spend an afternoon at the Market. The Market Hall with 15-30 permanent merchants will offer prepared foods in addition to local produce and crafts. A temporary Market Hall will provide 3,000 sq. ft. of space available on a short-term basis for winter indoor farmer’s markets, pop-up craft fairs, and food fairs. The outdoor Market Plaza will offer outdoor seating, live music and other performances. Cooking classes and other interesting events will be held in rooms available for affordable community rentals. Every time you visit the Market there will be something new to experience.

What type of food will be available?

The Public Market will be a showcase of our region’s incredible cuisine with one common theme: LOCAL! The focus is to have a wide variety of multi-cultural food provided by highly diverse merchants, in addition to offering our favorite cheese, beer, and other Wisconsin favorites. The goal is to offer unique, delicious food that can’t be found anywhere else. 15-30 vendors will provide prepared foods and meals, in addition to produce. Visitors will love wandering through the halls of the Market finding a savory food experience around every corner.

How is the Public Market different than a farmer’s market?

On any given Saturday or Sunday during the warm months, we are blessed to have our pick of farmer’s markets to attend. The Madison Public Market will place a strong emphasis on prepared foods and crafts while the farmer’s markets typically have a stronger focus on produce. In addition, the Public Market will provide a year-round retail opportunity for local farmers and merchants who have expressed the need for additional, affordable retail space to expand their businesses.

Is this a City project?

A community-led city committee has been meeting every month for the last few years to bring us to the point we are at today. Thousands of Madisonians have completed surveys and attended public feedback sessions to help guide the city committee. Today, the Friends of the Madison Public Market and a community-led Madison Public Market Foundation are providing important leadership to the project development. While the City will own the Public Market building, the ongoing operations and budget will be managed by a community-led non-profit.

“Madison’s Public Market will be a vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurs and consumers. The lively sounds of music and conversations will resonate throughout the market. I look forward to seeing all the treasures of food and retail for all of Madison to experience.” - Mayra Medrano, Latino Chamber of Commerce

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