City of Madison Public Market Info & Feedback Session

The City of Madison has scheduled another Info & Public Feedback Session for September 5, 2019. Public input has been a core piece of the planning process, incorporating thousands of public comments through surveys, public input sessions, and Taste of the Market events over the last few years. This is your next chance to see more detailed plans and provide feedback before the design team finalizes the design plans and the City moves forward with the design approval process.

Members of the Design Team, led by MSR Design, the Public Market Development Committee, the Madison Public Market Foundation, and the City of Madison Office of Economic Development will present the latest plans and collect feedback.

The event will be open-house style with a presentation and Q&A panel starting shortly after 6:00 PM. After the panel, there will be small breakout groups for anyone who wants to approach and ask specific questions with the team.

Information & Feedback Session Details
Thursday, September 5
6:00 PM
Madison Municipal Building
215 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Room 215

At the meeting, the public will view detailed designs that highlight the mix of experiences that will be offered within this unique community building.  City Staff and the project architects will share information about the mix and layout of merchants at the market, the event spaces, informal gathering areas, the market kitchen, outdoor plazas, and potential community arts/exhibit spaces.  There will also be an update on pedestrian, bike and car access, building entries and landscaping plans.  Finally, staff will share how sustainability features will be included in the design, such as  innovative water conservation techniques, solar panels, and natural ventilation.

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“Madison needs this Public Market. It’s an important opportunity for our children of color to have a place where they can go and see many other people of color owning businesses and finding success in our city. I’m excited to welcome our kids to the Market where we can teach them about business ownership. The Public Market is a place we’ll all be proud of.” - Judy Cooper, owner of QB's Magnetic Creations, a MarketReady participant

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